WebCam Spy 2.0

The possibilities for use of WebCam Spy are many and varied. For example, you can observe up to eight of your favorite cams using WebCam Spy's simple interface. You can surf around the web trouble-free at the same time, because WebCam Spy can always be on top of the user's desktop. Create your own image-galeries which can be zoomed or played as an animation.

You don’t even need your own webcam!!!

Don’t click until your fingers bleed without missing a thing!

WebCam Spy's built-in motion detection saves images only when changes are detected in the lens' view, making it ideal for monitoring homes and businesses for burglars. In addition, WebCam Spy can send an email to your cellualar phone each time it detects motion. Turn your home PC to an ideal surveillance system, and you can catch an intruder in the act. Even if he has already left your property, you have an great photo of him.

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